Bushrocks and Sandstone

As well as our pavers and decorative stones, we also stock bush rocks in a variety of sizes and types such as Quartz, Granite, Limestone, Flagstone, Sandstone and Quarried Ironstone. These beautiful large rocks are perfect unique features to add character to your outdoor area or garden. Our Sandstone Logs are ideal for seats, garden edging or that impressive entry to your property. These Logs are available in 2mtr lengths, width 500mm and height of 500mm.

Many people choose to use bushrock as a monument or feature, to coordinate garden spaces or as edging. With a focus on gardens to become waterwise, dry creekbeds have become a feature of modern gardens, creating a natural Australian space and reducing water consumption and mowing!

Used in the garden or as water features, our bushrock can be purchased individually or by the tonne. Feel free to mix and match your own custom combination.

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