Here at GOODEARTH we specialise in cold climate native plants, however we have a diverse selection of cold climate plants and nursery products to suit all your needs. A great deal of time and research goes into our stock so we are able to offer products of the highest quality which are capable of growing in our climate. We do our best to bring you the new plants available but still carry the old favourites.

Our plant range consists of vegies, herbs, ferns, fruit trees, maples, rhododendrons, azaleas, roses, natives, hedges, deciduous and ornamental trees, waterplants and much, much more. We have an excellent supply of indoor plants as well as succulents and cactus. GOODEARTH is one of the few nurseries that stock the Jurassic Wollemi Pine. This ancient pine was rediscovered in the nearby national parks in 1997 and is one of the most prehistoric species of plant life still in existence on earth.

If there is a particular plant you are after that we don’t have in our current stock we will try our best to get it in stock as soon as possible. To accompany our plants, we stock a variety of garden products such as fertilizers, specialising in organic fertilisers, potting mixes, pesticides, gypsum, clay breakers, soil conditioners and seeds. We also keep an extensive range of pots and tubs to make a perfect feature of your new plant including waterbowls.

What sets us apart from other Nurseries is that we carry Cold Climate Trees, Cold Climate Plants and Cold Climate Natives propogated in conditions similar to ours. Our clients always comment that we have a great selection of plants at excellent prices. We are your local stockist for Flemings Fabulous Tree Range. Bare Root Tree Orders are taken from February each year.

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