Polypipe & Fittings

At GOODEARTH we stock a range of quality polypipe and fittings, including PPI and Philmac products. We have quality and reliable fittings that are rugged and easy to install.


Polyethylene pipe is ideal for waste supply. Poly pipe can be used for many applications and it is flexible, cheap and easy to install. GOODEARTH stock a range of polypipe and poly fittings including PPI and Philmac products.


GOODEARTH can assist you with your home irrigation system. Whilst water conservation is on everyone's mind, being water wise doesn't mean that you cannot water your yard, but it does mean we need to water very wisely. Installing a home irrigation system is the best way to control your outdoor water usage.

A home irrigation system can be designed to put water only where it's needed. The system uses pipes, fittings, sprays and drippers to precisely water only within the boundaries of the watering area and avoid wasteful overspray. GOODEARTH stock items such as micro irrigation pipe, sprinklers, elbows, joiners, drips and sprays to help you set up those watering areas.

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