Sands, Gravel & Stone

Sands, gravels and decorative stone have an enormous amount of possible home and commercial uses and it can sometimes be confusing as to which product is the right one for the job.

At GOODEARTH we can help answer all your questions and give advice as to which products will achieve the results you have in mind.

We have a large range of sands, gravel and decorative stone, all of which are available by the tonne. Using our weighing system which is built into our loader means when you order a tonne, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

All our sands, gravels and stone measure up to trade specifications so you can be confident that you will only receive products of the highest quality. We have all trade lines such as yellow and white brickies sand, Sydney sand for tilers and renderers, washed fine and coarse suitable for various building and landscaping. We stock concrete premix for when the situation arises for bulk hand mixing.

GOODEARTH hold in stock a complete range of aggregates from 7mm to 20mm as well as 40mm Ballast, 150mm Gabion and larger quarried stone. GOODEARTH stock decorative stones such as Cowra White and Gold, Ophir Gold, Red/Brown River pebbles and Blue/Grey gravels all of which can beused as mulches or decorative pebbles.

maroota white sydney sand yellow brickies washed coarse washed fine sand 20mm aggregate 10/7mm aggregate granite roundedriver20mm scoria20mm roadbase blue crusher dust rock40-80mm 20mm cowra gold 20mm cowra white 40/20mm aggregate 20/14 aggregate blue aggregate ophir gold 20/40mm river pebble 150/300mm river stone