Soils & Mulches

Here at GOODEARTH we have a great selection of soils and mulches for both home and commercial use.

Our soils are specifically blended for a range of different applications. We have a special Native mix which is suitable for your native plants. Our Organic Garden Mix can be used in the vegetable patch or flower gardens. We can supply a special Turf Underlay which is specifically blended for use under a turf lawn. Our Nitro Top Dressing is perfect for top dressing an existing lawn. We can blend for you a GOODEARTH special Vegie-Organic Garden Mix to give your vegetables a big boost. We also supply a screened Cow Manure and a blended Mushroom Compost which are both ideal to add to your vegetable garden.

Using mulches in the garden is a great way to save water, stop weeds and keep soil cool. Mulches reduce plant stress, help build soil microbe population, add organic matter to soil, retain fertilizer in soil and most importantly save you valuable time.

Mulches are also an easy, amazing facelift for your garden, beautifying your garden and giving it that professional look with minimum effort. We have a variety of different mulches including Eucalyptus, Hardwood, Cypress Pine, Leaf Mulch, Redwood Chip Super Softfall.

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