Rainwater Tanks

With our changing climate and experiencing drier weather patterns, Rainwater Tanks have become a necessity to store that extra water for the home and garden.

GOODEARTH stock a variety of Rainwater Tanks, ranging in size and brands. We have a range of 300 to 50,000 litre Rainwater Tanks from reliable brands such as Clark Poly Tanks and we can also supply zincalume or colourbond metal tanks. We can also supply Concrete Septic Tanks and accessories.

No longer are Rainwater Tanks unsightly and space consuming. Today's range come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. There is a Rainwater Tank in a colour to complement your house or shed and a shape to fit those unused areas. Tanks can now be fitted in narrow spaces or even hidden under decking.

GOODEARTH have the advice and all the fittings to ensure that the installation of your water saver is complete. With a selection of stormwater pipes and connections we can make sure the job gets done. Come see GOODEARTH for all your Rainwater Tank needs — we'll be happy to help you do your bit for climate change. Check your local council and the government webpages for rebate information. GOODEARTH can also supply 1,000 litre caged plastic tanks and Metal Garden Beds.

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